Power Engineering

Power System Control, Automation, Stability & Protection
Power Quality & Reliability
Power Plants, Renewable & Distributed Energy Systems
Integration of Renewable and Conventional Generation
Power Electronics Applications and Control
Power System Planning, Management & Economic Evaluation
Power System Risk Assessment & Management
Electricity Markets
Power System Protection

Smart Grids

Energy Management in Buildings
Smart Grid for Energy Economy & Financial Management
Intelligent Energy Measurement & Monitoring
Smart Grid & Plug-In Vehicles
Power Converters & Control Equipment for Smart Grids

Electrical Machines & Adjustable Speed Drives

Linear Machines & Drives
Permanent Magnet Machines & Drives
Piezo & Electrostatic Actuators
Sensorless Control
Maintenance & Fault Diagnosis
Modelling & Simulation
EMC Related Phenomena
Electric Vehicles

Environment, Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Thermal Generation System Operation & Control
Power Plant Heat Rate Performance
Power Plant Pollutant Emission Control & Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
CO2 Capture & Sequestration
Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cells
Renewable Energy & Distributed Generation
Energy Storage Technology

Transmission & Distribution

Transmission & Distribution Systems & Apparatus
Smart Transmission & Distribution
Substation Automation
Disaster Prevention & Control